It is hard to believe someone would dump a beautiful domestic rabbit like Mitzi in a park to fend for herself, but that’s what someone did! Mitzi was found as a stray in Winchendon. She is one of the friendliest bunnies and would love a good home.

Mitzi’s a glamour girl – check out her black “eyeliner” circling her dark brown eyes. She is about 1-1/2 years old. She is an English Spot, a gorgeous breed, with black spots on her face which gradually lighten into dark espresso brown spots towards her back and tail.

This sweet gal is easy to pick up and doesn’t mind being held (unlike many buns). She loves to cuddle in your arms, which is pretty amazing considering she was abandoned and “homeless”! Mitzi is such a snuggle bunny!

Right now, she is one of the friendliest buns at the shelter, but her human volunteers think she deserves a loving forever home after what she has been through.

Special thanks to HRN member Robin for her help with this blog entry!