Update 1/24/09: We are ADOPTION PENDING!!! We are going to our forever home on Feb. 7th!!! Woohoo!!!

Update 1/18/09: Click here to view our movie debut!
Leo & Alex’s Movie Debut!!!

Well hello out there! My name is Alex and this is my best friend Leo. I’m the black mini-rex and Leo is the glacial white lop. We are both smaller buns, approximately 3-4 years old, and we love hanging out together. We are a tightly bonded pair, which means you can not separate us, otherwise we’d be extremely sad. We came into foster care in April of this year and yet, we still remain here, and it’s almost the new year. I think it’s because Leo has a few health issues… but nothing too major. He just got a bum deal in life. We are both extremely friendly and outgoing and love you humans, as long as you’re gentle with us of course.

We're best friends!

We're best friends!

Leo is clearly the more outgoing and opioninated one and I’m a bit more reserved. Although if you open the cage door, we both come right over to you wanting you to pet us. I like to sleep in my litter box, so it’s nice if we can have 2 boxes… one to do our business in and one to lounge in. Leo prefers a soft blanket to do his “dead bunny flops” on and snooze the day away. Often, we can be found grooming each other or snuggling with each other. Oh, and Leo thinks I’m a step-stool or something because he uses me as a post to steady himself as he grooms himself. Or, you can also see with his two front paws on my head, so he can get a better look out on things. Geesh! What does he think I am?! But I don’t mind. After all, he’s my best friend and what are friends for?
When we’re out and about playing, Leo is like a little flash of “lop lightning” running here and there. I too will run around at times, but do prefer to hang out in the Vacation Villa or under the willow tent. Both of us are fine being picked up and held and love when you dote on us. Although, I will say that Leo likes to play hard-to-get when it’s time to go in the cage. Little stinker that he is. He’s like a little clown at times too.
Do you mind? I'm trying to take a bath!

Do you mind? I'm trying to take a bath!

Now, my best friend does have some health issues, like I said. From what I have overheard, and let’s see if I get this right, the vets call it “non-infectious keratitis”. Basically, Leo has a problem with his cornea. It doesn’t hurt him or anything, and it clearly doesn’t affect him at all. He had some issues with molar spurs and tooth infections, so his incisors were removed. This just means that he needs his nightly veggies chopped up so it’s a bit easier for him to eat, which really isn’t a big deal… is it? And let me tell you, he can CHOW! OMG can he chow peeps! For a little guy, he loves to eat. You should see him when our foster mom comes in with the greens at night. He runs over to her and can’t wait for her to put the greens down. Now, if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll say that I’m the same way, but don’t listen to him. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about. I’m just excited to see my foster mom. Yeah… that’s it… I’m excited to see her ;)
I also had a small infection on my eye, but I was on antibiotics for a while. I’m hopeful the spot on my eye will clear up too, but if it doesn’t, c’est la vie. It really doesn’t affect me.

So guys, that’s our story. We’re best friends and we’re really hoping you’ll give us a chance. We know there has to be someone out there with lots of love to give us and won’t care about our minor “imperfections”. Our foster mom tells us that someday soon, we’ll find our forever home. We know she’s right. It’s just a matter of time. I mean really, how can you resist our cute little faces?

Love, Alex & my best friend, Leo