Liz and I have three new foster bunnies in the house, now that the two were were fostering have been adopted.

Amelia has a bit of attitude, but once you pick her up she just melts for some cuddles.

Jasper is the most relaxed of the bunch, and desperately needs to be adopted out as a bond mate when he finds a home, as he really thrives with a partner. He’s currently under weight, having lost some weight at the MSPCA. Fortunately, he’s already gained back most of the weight and just has a few ounces to go. They checked his teeth, checked for parasites and ran every test they could find to no avail. Eventually, they realized the weight loss started when he was in a cage where he couldn’t see or interact with any Rabbits or Guinea Pigs.

Jasper is also a good photo bunny. He has stunning blue eyes and seems to know when you’re taking a photo. The best description I can think of is that he poses for the camera.

So if any photographers in need of a resident model have a bunny who needs a a partner, Jasper may be the perfect choice.

Truffle is a little spitfire, with a tendency to not only dig at a surface, but kneed it as well, much like a cat.