Well, the last time we sat down to write about Nigel, he had been our foster bunny for about a week. We were determined that we would find him a loving forever home in short order. We posted our thoughts about Nigel here on the HRN Blog. We took a bunch of very cute pictures of Nigel and had them posted on HRN’s website. Guess what? It worked! Before the week was out, HRN had received a call from a family that wanted to adopt Nigel without even meeting him! They had seen his pictures and read the blog and that was it, Nigel was their guy. We set up the appointment with his new family for him to be picked up, and on schedule he was picked up and on his way to his new forever loving home (not without a few tears from his foster parents though!)

For the next few days, we tried to get over our feelings of loss by trying to decide which bunny we should foster next. We were on the verge of making that decision when we received a call from Nigel’s adoptive family. They were calling to tell us that they were going to have to return Nigel because their daughter had been found to be allergic to him! That night Nigel came back to our house and seemed a bit confused and shellshocked by all the changes in his life over the course of the past few days. We quickly reassured him that he was back in a friendly place where he could relax and be his playful self again. In a day or so, he was back to being the same Nigel we had grown fond of so quickly.
About a week and half later, there was another person who called HRN about Nigel and wanted to set up an appointment to meet him. We tentatively set up the appointment for the next weekend, six days away. During the week we finally discussed what we had both been thinking, should we adopt Nigel ourselves? We knew he was comfortable with us and we were in love with him! How can you let out of your care a bunny who washes your nose with bunny kisses every morning when you come downstairs?

Unfortunately, we had failed in our first experience as bunny foster parents. We apologized to the prospective adoptive family and spoke with them about other bunnies that were in HRN’s care that might be a good fit for them as well. As it turned out, this family welcomed Jellybean (appropriate. seeing that this is Easter Weekend!), another HRN foster bunny, into their forever loving home yesterday. Everyone goes home happy!
We look forward to years of enjoyment together with Nigel and with his successful bonding with our previous HRN adoptions, our Lionshead rabbits couple, Hannah and Griffin. To be continued….

Tricia & Tom, HRN Members