Yesterday was my first successful rescue of a dumped rabbit. The only other time I went on a rescue, the bun turned out to be wild. Well this was definately a domesticated bun. A woman in Belmont noticed a white rabbit with black spots. The woman contact HRN with hopes that we could rescue it. I can’t imagine how this bun survived in all that rain!

I showed up with my artillery, which included exercise pens to close in on the bun, towels, carrots, and raisins. When I arrived at the woman’s home, she showed me across the street to where the bun was. The sweet rabbit was just resting under some trees. We set up the exercise pen and approached the bun cautiously. A busy road was right behind the tree she was under. I got down on the grass and held out some raisins in my hand. The rabbit came right over and ate them out of my hand. I swooped her up in my arms. She didn’t struggle at all!

This is by far the friendliest bun I have ever met. I don’t think she realizes that she’s a rabbit. When you enter a room she runs right up to you. She is already licking my and my fiance’s faces. I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want this sweetheart or even think of dumping her.


Soon she’ll be going to the vet to make sure she is spayed and to get a clean bill of health. We’ve named her Dakota, by suggestion of fellow HRN fosterer Liz. The bun is an English Spotted/Hotot with black around her eyes, making her look like a bandit. Dakota is a derivative of an Indian word meaning “theif.” Well this girl is only guilty of being a theif of your heart. She is precious.

~ Erica, HRN fosterer