This blog entry is from HRN foster parents Hollie & Keith about their new foster bun, Henry. Thank you for volunteering!

Henry is one of the cutest bunnies you’ll meet and is very friendly. One look in those irresistible eyes and you’ll want to snuggle right up with him and pet his super soft fur. He has good litter box habits, and LOVES Kale.

Henry likes to go exploring, and he especially likes to hide out in our bookshelf!

Often we find that Henry likes to check out the world from a higher point of view…And he really likes to read John Steinbeck novels.

Sometimes Henry can be a bit shy, but it doesn’t take much for him to muster up his courage and hop on over to where the action is….

Henry is an easy bunny to love, he’s calm and sweet, and will thrive in a loving environment. Maybe your house could be his new forever loving home!