This little fellow is Oliver. When Matt and I visited Suzanne’s foster-home yesterday, this little fellow was very eager to get my attention. Any time I was near his cage, he came up to the door and looked at me, “won’t you say hello to me too?” his gentle eyes said to me. After greeting some of the familiar faces in Suzanne’s care, I finally came back to Oliver to introduce myself.

I opened his cage and offered my hand to him so he could get a smell of who I was and which other bunnies I’d been playing with. Once he’d gotten his sniff, I turned my hand over and reached in to scritch his head. He let me touch his head, but then ducked out from under my hand and gave my hand a gentle shove with his nose. I was confused. I looked at him and asked, “don’t you want to be scritched?” I held out my hand again and he gave me a sniff but when I went to turn my hand over, he backed away again. He didn’t move very far and wasn’t acting fearful, but it was obvious that scritches wasn’t what he wanted. I held my hand, palm cupped upwards, out to his nose again. He sniffed. I stayed still. He snuffled. I stayed still. Finally, he pushed his head under my hand and started sniffing and investigating the other side.


Oliver is an investigative, and inquisitive bun. While he likes the occasional pet on the head, he’s more interested in getting to know who you are and where you’ve been and who else you’ve interacted with by getting to inspect you with his nose. The experience is delightful, and different, and soft as can be. Oliver is obviously a very pleasant and curious little guy.