Hello.  My name is Olivia.  I have been in my foster home for almost TWO years!  Believe me, it can be really hard on your ego when other buns come and go, and you are left behind.

I was in a stall in a horse barn in Rowley, MA when HRN rescued me….there were three of us, but my two brothers were adopted as a bonded pair.  For the life of me I don’t understand why I have been ignored for so long….OK, so I am a little shy……well………painfully shy to tell the truth….and I will need a really quiet home, and someone who is bunny savvy.  But, there must be someone out there that fits that description?  Right????  With lots of love and attention I just know I could break out of my shell and be an awesome addition to a family.

I am really quite beautiful, with my shiny black fur with the silver tips.  I am a Silver Fox rabbit.  Being so beautiful has made me somewhat of a Diva.  I have definite opinions on how my world should be!  Humans need to understand that! Some Humans can be so very pushy!  I need patience and understanding and time and gentle persistence to give me self confidence I so want to have.  My perfect owner would be someone who has the skill and time to socialize me. I am not so sure how I would do with other animals.  I live in a room with bunnies just on the other side of my x-pen…..I am not aggressive towards them, but I am not really interested in getting to know them better either.

Every morning I look forward to my fresh veggies with anticipation. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE my salads!  I would request that my greens be delivered to me on a regular schedule….I really don’t like to wait!  I mostly just chill in my x-pen…..no cages for me please!  I am not a very active rabbit, I would rather just lie in one place and watch the world go by.

How much longer am I going to have to wait for my forever home??? Do you think you have what it takes to adopt me?



DOB: 8/08

Weight: 6#