Our bunnies got a bit more exposure to each other this morning while Matt and I were dressing for work. Its become habit to grab the rabbits after we’ve showered and let the three of them romp around on our bed where we can keep an eye on them (with a litterbox just in case). Echo continues to be a bit of a scaredy-bun. She runs and hides from the other buns as often as she can. She frequently uses Matt and I as a safe hiding spot, tucking herself in beside a hip or elbow, where she feels like she won’t have to deal with the other buns. Invariably, the other buns come over to nose at her and she zips away to the other side of the bed with a pitiful little noise of consternation. Its rather silly since the other two rabbits are being very gentle with her. But the good news is that there was at least one instance of 3 noses communing voluntarily this morning. Its a step in the right direction.

Beanbag is opportunistically using this change in the dynamics as an excuse to chase tails and agressively groom feet. He tries to maneuver himself and one of the girls into a position where he can mount them, but usually fails. Its good to see him taking some initiative and not being the beanbag he was so aptly named for.

Lookout has been remarkably good about this entire process so far (with much ensuing praise and pets from Matt and I). She occasionally nips at Bean or Echo, usually when someone grooms a bit more agressively than is comfortable. For the most part though, she doesn’t act agressive unless its in reaction to someone else’s behavior. This is a huge improvement for the bunny that was pulling clumps of fur off Beanbag every chance she got when they were first bonding. She has taken to “herding” Beanbag a little more often in their cage during the day, but he’s been nimble enough to avoid her most of the time and we are hoping that a new Leith Petwerks cage which should be arriving this evening, will change the dynamic and discourage her from herding him. (We are hoping that the cage, as neutral turf to everybunny, will become a good place for the 3 of them to continue working on bonding and eventually all live together.

-Liz:HRN Member-