When you first meet Ozzie, unlike some bunnies, he doesn’t come right to door of his cage to see you. He’ll definitely scope you out, and his sniffer will be in overdrive to see if you are bearing any treats. Once you open the cage door though, he’ll eventually come to see you and that’s when you get the chance to scratch those beautiful “helicopter” ears. This definitely helps his shyness dissipate.

We took Ozzie out for a photo shoot after a cuddle and ear scratching session and he was as snuggly as could be while bringing him outside. Once he realized he was free to run around, he became like a kid at Christmas. He wanted to check out everything, was constantly on the go and threw in a few binkies for good measure. His ears bounced every which way as he scooted about doing twirls, jumps and head tosses. He was having a grand time!

We had great fun watching him interact with some of the props we brought out. The pictures prove testament to that.

Maybe you could picture yourself taking Ozzie with you to his new, forever loving home!