Special thanks to fostermom, Linnea, for her contributions to this blog!

12/19/08 Update: Poptart and Pancake are doing great! They are still just as cuddly and perfect as before, and they are the most relaxed two bunnies on the planet. The way they interact with humans is great! They never bite or scratch and are very interested in everybody and they don’t care at all if you push them a little or pick them up or really snuggle up with them. They would be great for young kids because they are so laidback. Their litter box training is still a work in progress. I have been trying different things and I would say that I have made many adjustments, and I may have the perfect solution soon. They have stopped doing their business outside of the cage as long as they are only out for 10 minutes at a time (this is one of the training techniques) and they have never done their business while being held, which is good! Finally, Poptart’s fur that was missing from his surgery has almost completely grown back in and he looks more handsome than ever! More updates soon!

12/3/08: Poptart and Pancake are by far the most adorable, friendly, affectionate, playful, excited bunnies that ever existed. They love to be held, pet, played with, fed and snuggled. They are also just the cutest and fluffiest bunnies around. They really like each other, too. Of course, there is a catch. Their litter habits are not perfect, so I have started trying different methods. I will definitely continue updating everyone on their progress and let you know what the outcome is.

Love Linnea, Poptart, and Pancake