Hello! My name is Pauline, which I think is very fitting for a regal
gal like me! Just look at my delicate pointed face.

Some of the humans who volunteer at the House Rabbit Network think I
am one of the friendlier bunnies. I love pats and scratches around my
ears! If you show me a raisin, I will eagerly come up to you and take
it gently from your fingers. And I love to play with my bunny-safe
toys, tossing them around. I am quite curious and will investigate
anything new. Really, I am as friendly and fun as a dog, only
litter-box trained! What could be better?!

I am all white with pink-red eyes, typical of a Florida White rabbit.
Around 6 pounds, I am a lot of love rolled into a furry package. Won’t
you take me home?

Special thanks to HRN member Robin for her contribution to this blog entry!