Special thanks go out to HRN foster parent, Shilpy, for all the help in putting this blog entry together.

Bridget is just the cutest lop! She has a deep chocolate coat that is

She doesn’t like being picked up (like most buns); however, you
can pet her for hours, and she’s in heaven.

She gobbles up her pellets in the morning, and has lots of lettuce with a
little bit of carrot, banana, and apple in the evening along with her playtime;
she really loves her playtime!

Her litter box habits are perfect, she doesn’t even need a box outside her
cage, and she just comes back to the cage when she needs to go. Also,
she’s a bit territorial with her litter box, she grumps at you when you put
your hand in there, but otherwise everything is great!

Although Bridget is enjoying her foster family, she is hoping you will come
by for a visit and whisk her away to her forever loving home. Please call
the Hotline,781-431-1211, to speak with an adoption counselor – thanks!