Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Stephanie, for putting together this blog post!


Penelope is such a playful little girl with very expressive ears. Her right ear is mostly down like a lop’s, while her left ear stands straight up.

She loves running around and then coming up to you for petting breaks. She does the most binkies of any bunny I’ve met so far. Sometimes, she gets so excited that she’ll forget what’s around her and will accidentally binky right into a wall or couch. No need to worry, though. She brushes herself off and gets right back up.

One of her funnier pastimes is playing around in her towel. Sometimes she likes to dig and tunnel through it, while at other times she just like to use it as a fort.

Though she is energetic, she likes to take time to relax next to you, and will stay there as long as the petting keeps up. When she’s really exhausted from running around, she’ll flop over with much gusto.

To top it all off, this sweet girl has impeccable litter box habits. She can’t wait to find her forever home.