Pepsi is the House Rabbit Network’s April 2009 “Adoptable Bunny of the Month” :)

Special thanks to fostermom, Shilpy, for her contributions to Pepsi’s blog!
Pepsi is really a sweetheart: very clever in her ways, yet so receptive to love and affection from her foster parents. There is an overall feeling that she is part of the family.

Pepsi is quite comfortable in her environment. Although she is still not used to being held or picked up, she loves to have her head rubs and being pet! She has a major sweet tooth; her favorite treats are bananas and soft baking raisins.

Pepsi is so cute as she waits by her cage door every morning for her little sweet treats! She will eat apples happily too, and carrots as well as lettuce but only when all the fruit options are gone.

Pepsi is quite the “verbal” bunny, making cute little binky noises when grooming herself and hopping around. When you put your hand in her litterbox, she grunts a little.

She’s very sweet, but very energetic and mischievous as well; always the curious bunny looking for new places to crawl into, new things to chew on, and, overall, be a little spoiled furball! Will you open your heart and home to this sweet little thing? Please give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail us at