Perry, a Netherland Dwarf, is a munchkin weighing in at 3.5lbs. Although itsy bitsy, he has a power-packed personality to charm and dazzle you.

It is incomprehensible why someone abandoned this adorable, little bunny, unfortunately, that is the reality. Initially, he was cared for at the Animal Rescue League and then taken in by the House Rabbit Network where, currently, he is in foster care.

Perry in his cage, at his foster home, distinguishes himself from the other buns by doing binkies, head bobs and, basically, anything that will command your attention. If you speak to him, he will rise up on his back legs eager to be lifted from his cage. Nicole, an HRN volunteer, recently commented that, “Perry is a complete doll who melts when you hold him”! I absolutely agree, for my experience with friendly, little Perry is that he picks-up easily and snuggles even more easily, in fact, when I massaged him, he rewarded me with bunny kisses and as I stroked him, he bunny “purred”.

Perry, the perpetual motion machine, seems to relish seeking out new adventures. One moment he is climbing on you, and the next he is pulling and nibbling on your shoelace. And, if you happen to be taking his picture, he is right there with his nose on the lens inspecting your technique and, if, by chance, the camera strap is hanging down, he will be sure to engage you in a game of “tug of war” which he has every intention of winning! However, the most amazing sight was observing Perry actually playing “soccer” as we rolled a small plastic ball with a bell inside towards him. Bounding after the ball like a frisky puppy, he proceeded to push it along with his nose, first in one direction and then another zigzagging about the x-pen; this is one energetic bunny!

At one point, Tommy leaned down close to Perry’s head intending to give him a kiss; however, he was surprised when Perry started to sniff his face, then plant a “wet one” on his lips after which Perry did the Indy 500 around Tommy’s feet!

While Perry is off the charts in the rambunctious category, he is sadly lacking in the “I have a forever loving home of my own” section. Come visit him and we think you might want to change his status immediately!