A photographer from the Somerville Journal was here just now. He was getting pictures for an article about HRN/my rabbits/rabbit rescue/ Easter that should appear in the paper next Thursday, April 6, or so I hope.
He wanted a picture of my husband, myself and BOTH rabbits (who, of course, are not friends yet). Haha! And he wanted us holding them. So, I had Peter (my husband) hold Eve who is strong and hates being picked up. I held Dorian. But most of these pictures had them squirming and us making faces because they were squirming. I think we got one alright picture in this pose. I almost want the caption in the paper to be “what not to do with your rabbts: hold them when they don’t want to be held and get them close to each other when they are not yet friends.” They were moderately well behaved considering we were doing the picture in Eve’s territory (so she thinks). I was just happy that they didn’t go totally crazyThen we put Eve down and let her run around and she was a doll. She was a total flirt with the photographer and even layed down to pose for him on several occasions. He got much better pictures of just her than I could ever get. She must have enjoyed the attention, or just was happy that we weren’t picking her up.

No matter how many times I said they didn’t like to be picked up, he still wanted us to do it! He was definitely charmed by Eve’s flirting, though, so I think he got a really good impression of bunnies overall (and we need to show people that bunnies are really cool, smart and nice).

I think there might be two pictures accompanying the article, so, hopefully one of Eve ‘basking in all the attention’ and one of ‘what not to do with your bunnies.’ Let’s hope the article is great!
-Rachel: HRN Member-