Update 4/5/09: Pipkin is now binkying with her ADOPTIVE family – congrats!
Update 1/18/09: Pipkin is the cutest little munchkin :) She is so much more comfortable with people! Once she’s up and snuggled into your arms, she’s content to enjoy your pets. She’s also REALLY happy to be down exploring and doing lots of vertical binkies!!

Update 10/01/2008: We want to thank Pipkin’s new foster Mom, Linnea,
for sharing some of her experiences with her new little girl with all of us!

It has been three weeks since I got Pippy and her personality is
really starting to show. As much as she loves to cuddle with me, she
still grunts when I pet her while she is in her cage. She never grunts
when she is playing outside of her cage and she has started doing the
happy bunny hop when she thinks I am not looking. What has become
pretty clear is that she likes boys more then girls. I can pass her along
to any guy that comes into my house and she will sit comfortably
on their lap without trying to run away. She never grunts at boys. I
have also discovered that she loves to be swaddled in a blanket like a
baby. I think it makes her feel safer. Hopefully she will find a
permanent home soon that will have more time to keep her entertained
outside of her cage.

More updates to come,
Linnea and Pippy

Update 9/21/2008: I have had Pippy for almost a week now and she is getting cuter and more comfortable every day.
Right now, she is cuddling on the couch in a fort of throw pillows that I set up.

She still grunts at me a little every morning when I first reach in to pet her, but I’m
starting to think that’s more of an announcement of status than anger or fear. She
definitely thinks that she is a little queen.

She loves to be taken out of her cage and hang out in the hallway or on the couch and
she has not tried to bite anyone once! She also has not scratched me at all, although
she does wiggle a lot and try to escape when u pick her up.

When she gets really comfortable, she will come right up to my hand to be pet forever.

Well that is the update for now!

9/16/2008: It has been about 24 hours since I brought Pipkin (Pippy) home and I think I am starting
to figure her out.

She has a cage here that is twice as big as her one at Suzanne’s so I know that she likes
that. She loves to grunt at me when I try to pet her but after reprimanding her she has
pretty much stopped altogether.

She really does not like treats. She doesn’t like herbs, carrots, or cranberries. But finally,
after some experimentation I figured out what she likes. She is a simple girl – a cheap
date – she likes weeds! From the backyard! Don’t worry, no pesticides, but it is very
interesting. She is not high maintenance at all.

She is okay with being held if she is being transported somewhere fun. But man can she
struggle! You really have to hold on tight to keep her from falling to the ground. She has
been calming down though.

I have a feeling the days with her are going to be two steps forward one step back but at
least that means progress. All my roommates love her and they think she is just so
adorable! She is really small and has tiny little ears. So far the thing she has been most
interested in is my computer. She likes the caps lock button.

More to come later!

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