Hello! My name’s Ally. I’m one of a pair but I’ll let my other half talk for herself. In case you hadn’t noticed…I’m a rabbit. With lovely soft fur. Unlike the other rabbits on this blog, I can type. My hobbies are eating (I’m very fond of that), being petted — although I’m a little shy about it at first — and having fun. I’m still exploring the having fun bit. I like digging and exploring paper bags and my favorite place in my new foster home is our cardboard box. It gives me endless hours of joy. I’m shy and curious in turns. If I feel scared, I like to dive behind Primrose. She’ll protect me — or go first. I’m a sweet little being with a comical gene. I’m small for a lop but not a dwarf or anything. I’ll post more pictures when I get the chance so you can see just how adorable I am. Primrose and I have been through a lot together. She’s my bestest friend.

Hi! I’m a shy adventurer looking for a forever home with my friend Ally. I’m soft and furry too. They named me Primrose though I’m not sure why. Maybe I reminded them of someone they knew called Primrose. I wonder if she has whiskers as fine as mine? I’m quite curious and I like stretching out on nice cool spots on the floor. I’m braver than Ally a lot of the time but I’m still cautious — as anybunny should be in a new place. Once I settle a bit though, I’ll make myself quite at home. I enjoy tunnels of any kind and I LOVE carrots. Do look us up if you’ve got a heart and a house for some cute furry friends.