With all the adoptions recently, we had some room for more fosterbuns. We were lucky to have Punky and Henrietta come into our home.

We had heard Punky had quite a rabittude. For the first week Punky would grunt and lunge anytime I went towards her. To my pleasant surprise, she now lets me pick her up out of her cage without any objection. I think she doesn’t complain anymore because she loooooves being out. She is such a binky girl. And she did the cutest flop in the litterbox in the living room. If you want a bun that has spunk and energy, but enjoys her body rubs too, then Punky is your girl.

Here are some pictures since her arrival:

Punky sitting pretty “Don’t you think my blue eyes are so pretty?”

“Yes, I’m sticking my tongue out you.”
Punky being sassy
Punky binkiing “Catch me if you can!”

she's outta here “I’m outta here!”

~ Erica – HRN fostermom