This is Punky, a very attractive white bunny with startling blue eyes. She’s been in foster-care with HRN for quite a while now. When she first came to HRN, she was insecure, uncertain, a bit cage possessive. But seeing her yesterday has shown me that she’s come a long way in the past few months.

These days, while she still grunts her displeasure occasionally at having someone handle her food or litterbox, Punky is eager to gain attention and affection from her foster-mom, Suzanne. The grunts are mostly territorial displays of discontent, “hey, stop rearranging my things. I got them put just where I wanted them and now you’re making a mess!” But when a hand reaches into the cage to offer to stroke her head, Punky flattens down in pleasure and enjoys the attention.

Here’s to you, Punky, you’ve come a long way little blue-eyes!