Radar was so excited about how cute he looked in his last blog that during playtime the other night he was endlessly binkying!!! Luckily I caught some of it on tape!!! Unluckily, my lighting is pretty terrible so some of the videos are tough to see :( We did get a few good shots though so I definitely wanted to share ASAP so that you could all get a better feel for some of the craziness that is Radar!!!

This vid is about a minute long but it’s admittedly pretty tough to see. But you can definitely see the outline of sir Radar speeding around andthere’s a great binky/run in the middle there!! I promise i’ll work on getting video during the day next time when there’s better natural light!!! Here it is though:

This vid just catches the end of one crazy binky run but this one is a lot easier to see. Of course all of my videos only seem to get one good run at a time…. as soon as i turn off the camera he does 4 or 5 in a row… but at least i got the occasinonal one caught on film.

Finally we have Radar the troublemaker…. My bunnies tend to get a little upset when they smell foster bunnies. So I try to block off the kitchen (where the fosters live) from my bedroom (where my boys live). Unforunately Radar seems to have figured a lovely way around that!!! This video stops pretty short as I had to run after Radar and scoop him back up! Oh Roo what a funny bun!

And after that long long day of binkies and exploring Radar was totally pooped! Here he is all tuckered out.


I also uploaded all of Radar’s other pictures from his park photo shoot. I didn’t want to overload the blog with them but I wanted to put them up incase anyone wanted to search through. There are definitely some other cute cute pictures! They can be found here:

Thats all for Radar… he says “Thanks for looking!” and hopes to meet you soon!

~HRN foster mom katie