Hi! My name is Dominic. I’m a little guy with a big personality: curious, intelligent, and self-assured. I have excellent litterbox habits; you will not find a stray poop outside of my “powder room.”
When it comes to food, I’m the lapine and vegetarian equivalent of a “meat and potatoes guy”. Just give me romaine lettuce, kale, and flat parsley, with occasional broccoli. None of that fancy mixed or Asian greens, no thanks! Oh, but I have a sweet tooth (who doesn’t?): I love berries, nectarines, apples, peaches, grapes, bananas, dried cranberries- Yum!
I am physically fit and pretty active. If there were a Bunny Olympics, I would be a track and field champion! I am an agile jumper: I can clear 3 feet! (My foster family had to get a taller ex-pen for me, ha-ha). When I am out for my playtime I like to start with a circuit: zip down the hallway, up the stairs, and back to the kitchen. You should see my binkies! When I have some freedom to run and explore, I am a happy guy!
Speaking of running and exploring, I like space, and lots of it. I live in the aforementioned ex-pen that cordons off part of a large room. I have lots of cardboard flats and paper to chew on. My favorite chew toys are willow balls, paper, and untreated wood blocks. I also like this little plastic
barrel that has a bell in it- I grasp it with my teeth and give it a shake.

I’m pretty good at figuring things out. When I want to get from Point A to a (higher) Point B (ahem), I stand on my hind legs and assess the situation. The assessment may take a few hours or a few days. Boy, did I surprise my mom when she discovered a half-eaten nectarine on the kitchen table!!
Expending all that energy, I need my down time. That¹s when I seek refuge in my cardboard box or under the pantry shelf. Or, I will sprawl out under the kitchen table and snooze.

I’ve been in foster care for a little over a year. Why so long, you wonder? Sigh- Well . . . despite my athletic build and handsome face, I’m a red-eyed white (REW), and REW are like the “plain Janes” of the bunny world. Still, my foster family and I are hopeful that my forever family is out there somewhere: a loving, patient, stimulating individual, couple, or family with older children, and perhaps a sweet ladybun to soothe my restless heart.