Let us introduce a pair of especially frisky buns: Riley is the mostly white English Spot mix, while Scout is the gray and white Dutch. Both are of average size and weight, but that’s where the “average” part stops and the true nature of these bunnies come to the fore!


Do you remember that song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? Well that’s the perfect theme for these two cuties. When they get out to play, they seldom stop for a second. The run, binky, dig, chase and flop to their heart’s content. Now mind you, this happens when there is no interaction with you. Give them some attention and they will play until you say “uncle”!

If and when they finally decide to take a break from their exploring fest, they will lie down near one another in complete harmony. But don’t worry, they enjoy their “out” time too much to spend much of it lying around. Especially when there are toys to toss about and new places to “chin”.

Yes, these happy go lucky girls just about have it made, except for one big thing. A “forever loving” home! That’s where you come in. Come see the girls in person and we’re sure you will want to solve that problem ASAP.

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)