Ringo is one full of fun guy. He’s a ball of energy and always seems ready to “get up and go”. He especially likes to go to his cage door and check out who has opened it to visit him. He’ll lean out as far as possible to check you out and when you move in close, he won’t run away, instead he stays put and will probably put a big “kiss” or “nose wash” on you! If you’ve never been groomed by a bunny before, once you’ve experienced it, it’s easy to understand why this is considered the ultimate sign of bunny affection.

Recently we had a chance to bring Ringo out on the deck for a romp and he had a blast. He checked out every square inch, nosing and chinning everywhere, threw in a few binkies and occasionally stopped for a camera pose. It was a pleasure to watch him enjoy himself. His quickness made him a tough photographic subject to “catch up with”, but these photos will give you an idea of his good looks and might make you think about finding a place in your life for this special guy.

“Let’s see David Beckham try this!”

“Any bunny in there?”

“Pssst, where did you hide the goodies?”

“Wait, make sure you get my good side!”

“C’mon, loosen up. Let’s binky!”