Meet Robbie Rabbit, a real one-of-a-kind party rabbit! This loving, little, 5 lb Rex is a sociable, black velvety bundle of fur. Unlike some of his rabbit buddies, Robbie enjoys being held and cuddled. He will charm you the minute you meet him, and he is used to other animals.

When it comes to eating, Robbie has a few favorites: fresh timothy hay, kale and cilantro. For his treats, in small amounts, of course, he will do almost anything for a tiny piece of strawberry, red grape, banana, melon, or Granny Smith apple!

Robbie is up for anything – he even loves car rides! One moment he is running and kicking up his heels, and the next he may be playing with his keys or tossing around his slinky. He even likes to dance. His “Mom” used to dance with him in her arms to the Brazilian Samba….that was his favorite, but unfortunately she got sick and could not care for him anymore.

Well, how about if this cute boy “trips the light fantastic” into your life? He has already mastered how to be a well-behaved house rabbit, why not make your house his next forever loving home!