‘Over or under, what’s a bunny to do?”

Your first impression of Roscoe might be “Awww, look at this cute little rabbit!”. Then, when you approach him to open his cage door to give him a friendly pet, that’s when Mr Gruff kicks in. Roscoe might grunt, snort or lunge at “trespassers” to his domain…. this little guy is letting you know who he thinks is in charge here!

“Ah razzzzzzzzzzzzzzzberries!!!!”

But once you coax your way past his defenses to give him a scrufftie, he’s quite agreeable to let you take him out for some R&R time. Interestingly, the territorial tough guy suddenly mellows out and is as interactive and fun to watch as one could ever imagine. For a solid half hour, he is as good as it gets: chinning and poking all the toys or anything else that he crosses paths with, scooting and running about, even entertaining us with a few binkies! However, he did give one little grunt when picked up at the end of his playtime. I guess he was just “commenting” on the necessity of having to return to his abode!

“Yo, you wanna piece a me? C’mon, bring it!”

Mr. Gruff is definitely not so tough. In fact, with a bit of TLC, this little boy will bring lots of joy to his “forever loving home”…..Might that be YOU?

“Halt, who goes there?”