Hello from Skippy and Noodles!  We are a bonded pair.  We are HRN ‘sanctuary’ rabbits.  What exactly IS a sanctuary rabbit you might ask…..well….it is a rabbit with a health issue that will remain for the extent of that rabbit’s life….cancer, infections, head tilt….there are numerous reasons that a rabbit would be given the sanctuary status.  The members of HRN do not believe in euthanizing rabbits just because they have health issues.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  As a sanctuary rabbit, I am incredibly grateful for the volunteers and foster homes of HRN….if I had been in a ‘regular’ shelter, I would have been dispatched over the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago!

Let me introduce myself and my bond mate.  I am Skippy….a neutered Harlequin lop….my bestest friend in the entire world is Noodles, a gorgeous spayed Dutch….of course she has gotten a little chunky in the past year or so because she eats the food that my foster mom leaves for me, but I love her, no matter what shape she is in….round is, after all, a shape!  The reason that I am in sanctuary is because I have an abcess in my right ear….and I have had to have a couple of teeth pulled….if the abcess would continue draining that would be a good thing, but unfortunately, it closes up, and that is when my troubles start.  Noodles does her best, she is amazing at grooming me and taking care of me, but still this nasty thing persists!  I know that I am probably never going to get better, but I would love to have a forever home where I could live out the rest of my numbered days with Noodles and a family who loves me.  It takes a special sort of person to adopt an animal with a pre existing condition….but I just know that there is a family out there for me and Noodles!  Could you open your heart and home to the two of us….I promise you, you will gain far more than you give….


Noodles and Skippy