shelby2Good evening HRN fans and fellow bloggers!  I am Shelby!  Look at me and fall under my spell!

I am a hunka hunk of loving fluff!  A red eyed white Jersey Wooly…..small, only three pounds…..but packed full of love and personality!  A tiny bundle of joy who loves snuggling and ear massages.

Let’s talk about red eyed white rabbits or REW……some people think we are ‘creepy looking’!  What’s up with that???? REW rabbits have eyes that are all shades of pink to lavender….this is the result of a lack of pigment in our irises….a form of albinism…..resulting in eyes that reflect the colors of our retinas.  REW rabbits are no different than other rabbits who are pigmented….we are not more prone to disease, we are not in contact with shades from the netherworld….we are just rabbits looking for our forever homes.

More later….

Yours in hoppiness…..