Shimmer was born in foster care… in 2007! Will anyone, anyone at all, find it in their hearts to finally give her a forever home? No animal should be born in foster care and then still be here 3 years later. So sad it breaks my heart :(
Shimmer is smart and incredibly sweet. She’s a bit shy at first and when startled, but once she knows she can trust you she’s always begging for affection (and an occasional papaya treat).
Shimmer’s litter box habits are good, but her joy in shredding every paper and cardboard in sight and then arranging the results “just so” will make her whole area look like a confetti factory has just exploded.
She’d do best in a quiet home with adults or older children who would laugh at her antics, forgive her for the mess and give her *lots* of safe play space, toys and loving attention.
Please, please, please give this special girl a home. 781.431.1211 or