Simi is a sweet young girl, born on 10/15/11 from one of the moms of the Lempster Rescue. She has a beautiful chinchilla gray coloring with short fur that is super soft. She can be very shy in a new setting but once settled in, her laid-back personality comes through.


She loves to eat! She is a very good eater and gobbles up everything on her plate. She does have preferences for leafy greens; what she likes the least, she saves for last LOL Her favorites are romaine, parlsey, kale, and mesclun mix. She has a sweet tooth and loves her treats- bananas, carrots, apples, blueberries, grapes, dried cranberries. She loves to beg for them. She’s hard to resist!

She loves her playtime when she is allowed more range to run around. She is curious yet cautious: She sniffs at everything and likes to explore, and thankfully she has not gotten into any mischief!

She loves attention! When she is out and about, she often hops over to her foster family to give them a gentle nudge at the ankles and then she happily squishes down for head strokes and check rubs. If you stop, she will gently nudge you for more. She might be the perfect TV-watching companion, as long as you don’t watch anything scary.



Being a large bunny (7 lbs), she does well with an ex-pen and she likes to have a cozy space where she can rest from the hustle and bustle of family life. She is very good about chewing appropriately when provided with ample toys like apple tree or willow twigs and cardboard, among other things. Her favorite is a little garden box with sisal and corn leaf “veggies” (her foster mom bought it at She also likes to tug at a bell that hangs on her crate door.

Simi tends to leave stray poops around her ex-pen, and on occasion she will pee on the ex-pen floor when spooked; otherwise her litterbox habits are very good. She likes her litterbox in a certain spot and will let you know if she doesn’t like where you put it! Sometimes she likes to use a second litterbox.

She would do well with school-age children as her current foster family includes an 8 year old. She enjoyed the company of her siblings when they were all together, and her gentle personality makes her a good bonding candidate.


Simi is one of many rabbits in the care of volunteers of the House Rabbit Network! If you are interested to adopt, please call the HRN hotline: (781) 431-1211.