(Posted on behalf of Snugs foster family)
Snuggles is a laid back bunny; she lives in our kitchen and is unfazed by the busyness; I dropped a pan once, and she didn’t flinch!
She is super friendly– she approaches the edge of her pen when we walk by. She loves cheek massages! If I could sit by her and pet her all day, she’d be content. She does well with my 6 year old daughter, who convinced me to foster Snuggles in the first place! Snuggles is sweet and I think she would make a good bondmate.
She has the most expressive ears I have ever seen on a lop! Most of the time, her ears are flopped down, but I have seen her with both ears straight up- she looks like a totally different bunny!
She gets very excited for breakfast and dinner, she practically lunges at what I’m holding, so I have to distract her by petting her head while I put down her food bowl. She enjoys a variety of veggies. If she is out in the kitchen when I open the fridge, she scoots right over, she can’t wait to eat! Naturally, she loves treats; we give her banana chips, strawberry tops, carrots, and grapes.
She tolerates being picked up, which is a good thing as I work on improving her litterbox habits. Two litterboxes is what Snugs prefers. Now that she has settled in after a few weeks, I give her the more spacious digs of an ex-pen for a few hours during the day, but I keep her in a cage overnight.
Snuggles has better mobility on flooring that has some traction; she manages on the linoleum floor but looks quite funny, bungling along. I have her ex-pen lined with grass mats and cardboard. I give her run of the carpeted hallway for short periods of time and with supervision; it’s great to see her sprint back and forth! She is also getting brave about climbing stairs. To my chagrin, she ignores the bunny chew toys and prefers carpet and shoes, so that means shoes are put out of her reach, and I redirect her when I see her going at the carpet (which is something everyone should do with bunnies if they start to chew on inappropriate things). Her favorite chew toy is a wad of plain paper with a banana chip tucked inside.
Snuggles will thrive in a loving, patient, attentive home environment. If you would like to visit her, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211.