It seems like this year that we are getting tons of calls about stray rabbits. I don’t understand why people think that these domesticated animals, who have lost their natural instincts and no longer have the brown coloring can survive in the wild. They are a different species than the wild rabbits that are living in North America.

This week we were able to capture Hailey, a stray bun in Shrewsbury, and Mixy, a stray rabbit in Lowell. They were lucky in that we were able to catch them and they only had minor health issues. Both will be up for adoption soon. There were reports of a second rabbit in Shrewsbury with Hailey, but that one has not been sited in days and we don’t know if the bun is even still alive.


In Woburn, someone witnessed a person dumping a rabbit in the woods. That one was lucky enough to be captured the next day. Apparently there was another rabbit dumped too, as a dead dutch rabbit was along the side of the road.

We also tried to capture a stray rabbit in Wayland. He hasn’t been spotted in over two weeks and at this point is presumed to be dead. Buddy, who was captured a couple of weeks ago, was also originally seen with another rabbit that has not been spotted in over a month.

Cheyenne and Dakota are two more strays that were captured earlier this summer. Dakota then quickly surprised us with 8 babies.

It is hard to understand why people let these beautiful creatures into the woods to fend for themselves. They deserve so much better than that cruel fate.

-HRN Founder: Suzanne-