Sonia was House Rabbit Network’s Bun of the Month for November. Here is the article:


Sonia originally came to HRN three years ago when a rescue in Maryland was closing. She was adopted, but was recently returned when her owner moved to the mid-west. Sonia is a very friendly bunny. She is personable and outgoing. When she is out, she is checking everything out and running all over the place. She enjoys jumping. When she is ready for a break, she will lounge in high places, where she can look out over her territory. Sonia is self-assured and has good litter box habits. Not to mention she is terribly cute!

As you can see, she is as cute as a button, and definitely has the personality to match. Sonia is gentle, sweet and enjoys having attention showered on her. If you reach out to pet her, she will melt right down in pleasure beside you until your arm is weary, and when you start to pull away, she will glance up at you, as if to say, “Oh, please do not stop”!

Although Sonia enjoys relaxing with you, this girl really likes to play as well. Once on the loose, she is an inquisitive little princess who confidently explores her domain. Just watching her as she bounds about will elicit a smile and prompt you to cuddle her once again, which will, certainly, be just fine with her!.

Well, that can be arranged, and on a full time basis to boot! If you visit Miss Sonia, we are sure that you will be inspired to make your “castle”, her new forever loving home.