We adopted our youngest bunny, Echo, at approximately 3 months of age. We gave her a week or two to settle in to her surroundings before subjecting her to the indignity of a vet visit. When she did finally go to the vet, she was very relaxed and curious about the experience; flopping calmly in her carrier in the car and snuffling at the vet curiously and his instruments while being examined.
At about 3 and a half months and weighing a health 3.5 LBS, the vet determined that she was old enough to undergo spay surgery. We scheduled the surgery for the later half of the following week. In the intervening week, Echo managed to earn herself a late night emergency visit to the local animal hospital and a round of antibiotics for a scratched cornea. When we took her in for her spay appointment 4 days later, the vet decided to delay the surgery to let her eye heal. (Nice vet didn’t charge us for the aborted surgery or the follow-up eye exam.) Bunnies have very fragile immune systems and he didn’t want to stress her body any more than necessary. So we have rescheduled the appointment for her spay to later this week.
Echo has now been with us for about a month. Her eye has healed and she’s a happy, healthy, curious, trusting little bunny who has never known the hardships that many of HRN’s foster-buns have experienced. We look forward to having her be a part of our lives for many years to come, as was our recently departed bunny, Fuzzface. Our experiences with Fuzzface taught us the value of getting your bunnies spayed or neutered. Once she is spayed, we hope to introduce Echo to the other 2 bunnies in our life, Beanbag & Lookout. We are looking forward to seeing them all piled together in the same cage, jockeying for the best position in the patch of afternoon sunshine.
-Liz: HRN Member-