The House Rabbit Network has many rabbits that require extra expenses. If you can not foster, but would like to help, sponsoring a rabbit might be right for you! If you can assist with the veterinary and medical bills of our rabbits, you will directly assist in our mission to improve their quality of life. In some cases we are looking to raise a sum of money to pay their bills. Other rabbits require ongoing care with monthly costs. We realize that most people can not afford a full sponsorship, so you can elect to partially sponsor a bunny. The dollar amounts listed are our financial goals to which you may contribute all or part. All donations are tax deductable.
Sponsors will have their names appear on our web site. Of course you can also choose to remain anonymous if you prefer. We recently PayPal enabled our sponsorship program:
If you would like to sponsor a rabbit, simply write a check made out to the House Rabbit Network. Write a note stating which rabbit(s) you would like to sponsor and what you would like for the signature (Example- in Memory of Spunky). Mail the note and check to:
House Rabbit Network
P.O. Box 2602
Woburn, MA 01888
For more information, please contact us at
Thank you for your support!

Flower is a sweet girl who has molar spurs and a facial abscess. She has had molar trims and major facial surgery. Her early medical bills total $151.69. This does not include the surgery she is having this week and future bills- that total will be going up.

Ky is in heart failure. He needs lasix (a heart medicine) to stay alive. To date his vet bills are $266.94

Jasper arrived thin, with molar spurs and not eating. He has had tests run on him and is receiving lots of TLC. Hopefully he will be available for adoption soon! His vet bills total $393.24.

Harrison is a handsome rex who had several growths removed from his cheeks. Luckily they were harmless and he has been adopted! His vet bills came to $297.88

Flash was found as a stray with a severely infected eye with a ruptured retina. Unfortunatly his eye needed to be removed. He is now a healthy, happy boy who has been adopted! His surgery cost $433. Can you donate for him?

Benny had a severe leg infection that required several surgeries and hospitalizations. Luckily we have been able to save his leg! Benny has been adopted to a great home. His costs came to $1203. Can you donate to help cover his bills?

Jenna has early onset glaucoma and is going prematurely blind. She has had several visits to the eye doctor, is on expensive meds, and may eventually need her eyes removed. To date, we have spent $827.65 on her, and more medical bills are expected.

Peanut has an iris abscess. We tried to treat it with antibiotics, but it didn’t work. He needed surgery to remove his eye. To date we have spent $1377 on him. Peanut had completely recovered and was recently adopted! Can you help defray his medical bills?

Duke came in with a huge abscess under his chin. It was attached to his jaw bone and ruined several molars. He needed a few surgeries to clear up and will probably need regular trims of his molars. We have spent $605 on him and are happy to report that Duke has been adopted! Can you contribute to his vet bills?

Rufus and Rusty came in with maloclussion and needed their incisors removed. Their surgeries cost $439. Can you help pay their vet bill?

Hugo is a sweet boy who has an iris abscess. We tried antibiotics, but things got worse. Unfortunately we had to remove his eye. Since his surgery he has made tremedous progress and seems happier. We have spent $905 on vet bills. Can you contribute to help him? Hugo has found a great new home, and even now has a girlfriend named Sylvie!