One of the most rewarding parts of fostering rabbits is hearing how the homes that have adopted are now full of happiness and love. My inbox has become quite full this past couple of weeks with updates and pictures. Oh, how I adore the pictures. I wanted to share some of the comments I’ve received.

Minnie and Rose (aka Nushi) are now living in New York state with their new parents. Their mom writes: “the girls are doing great and so are we…We just love them and they bring so much life to our home…”

Tumble is living with a cat named Jigsaw in New Hampshire. Her mom writes in the first few days of Tumble’s arrival: “I’ve actually gotten her to snuggle up with me. Though she does it rarely, the snuggling is a start. Hopefully I’ll get one [picture] of her with my cat to show you soon too.”

I also keep in touch with Chevy’s new mom and he’s doing great. Still working on getting along with his two new brothers, a mini rex and an english spotted, but she hopes soon they will all be together.

Even though it’s always sad the day our fosters go to their new home, we know in our hearts it’s the right thing. A bun has so much love to give if you let him/her into your life. You’ll never regret it, these creatures are truly amazing! I love watching people discover this for the first time.

PS: Keep the updates coming! We love to hear how your life is with your new bun(s)

~Erica, HRN volunteer, fosterer