UPDATE 9/4: Stella went to her forever home today!

UPDATE 8/31: Stella will be going to her forever home this holiday weekend. There, she will have two new friends, Sophie and TigerLily (TigerLily was also part of the Great Angora Rescue).

A lovely smokey grey coat of angora fur. A bit timid, yet so sweet in her in ways, she’ll melt your heart. Watching her curiously explore and learn about the things and world around her, will bring a tear to your eye. Learning to trust the gentle touch of a human hand is something she is finding she may actually like. This is Stella. Or as I like to call her, Stella my bella.
Stella was part of The Great Angora Rescue from Canada (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?p=2265) and came down to us during the second transport of angoras in June. Not only was she severely matted, she was also very sick with a large abscess that started from under her belly and extended up to both her shoulders. Surgery wasn’t an option since we weren’t sure if she was pregnant or not. After months of medication and TLC, she was finally healthy enough to be spayed (luckily, Stella was never pregnant, like so many of the other females during that transport). Or so we thought. Stella wasn’t out of the woods, just yet. In early August, Stella was rushed into Angell Memorial in Boston with a prolapsed uterus. Emergency surgery needed to be performed or we would have lost this beautiful girl.
After traveling more than 8 hours to her safe haven in the States, recovering from an extraordinary abscess and then a prolapsed uterus… she is truly a bunny that has shown us she is a fighter in her own right. Stella made it through emergency surgery and has since recovered beautifully and is now available for adoption. Knowing all that she’s gone through, her adopted family or humans must be very patient with her. She will need a home that is quiet, loving and willing to maintain her beautiful angora fur by brushing her and clipping her down (we can show you how or do it for you).
Stella is now in a foster home where she is getting individualized attention and we are working on her socialization as well. She is already coming out of her shell and I think it’s just a matter of time before she shows us just what an amazing bunny she is. At first she would cower and flinch at the mere touch of a hand. As soon as we entered the room, she would run into her quik-tube and hide. The first signs of her overcoming her fears happened yesterday. She started playing with her ball and wagon wheel toys and seemed to enjoy it! As I sat in the pen with her, I let her investigate me, slowly moving and speaking to her in a soft tone. Eventually she came over and licked my hand! The ultimate in bunny love! She then put her two front paws on my arm and stretched up to my face to sniff me. Yes, my heart melted. How could it not?! This is a HUGE step for a bunny like Stella who came from a life which we can only imagine, wasn’t the greatest.
As time progresses, I’m positive Stella is going to blossom into the wonderful bunny I can already see starting to emerge. If I didn’t already have two furries of my own, she would already be mine :)