The following conversation occured between one of my viola da gamba teachers, we will refer to her as J, and myself. (This is not my other teacher who I sometimes talk about, who has twelve rabbits) J is a bit uninformed about bunnies, but, like many other people, had a bunch in a hutch in her backyard as a child.

…it is the middle of my lesson which is at my home…J looks over to see that our bunny abode condo now has an extra level so that there is a enough space for Eve AND Dorian, our new bun…

J: Wow, it looks like you have the ‘bunny hotel’ over here!!
R: Well, yes, that is Dorian, he is our new little boy, so they need more space…
J: Oh! How cute!
R: Yes, I think we are finally set now that we have two bunnies, we can’t put anymore in this tiny apartment, after all.
J: Well, you can just let them do the rest…you know…they will make lots more bunnies for you!!
R: No, they can’t. They are both fixed. We don’t want more bunnies, there are plenty that don’t have homes.
J: I guess it is good that they are fixed, I didn’t know you could do that. I guess they won’t be ‘breeding like rabbits.’ Oh well.


UGH!! This is one of SO MANY conversations I have had like this. People tell me, since I have a male and female rabbit, that they will make lots more rabbits. In fact, when we JUST had Eve, people said that too (as if she could make more rabbits without a male–did these people take Sex Ed.?) People always say we should LET them make baby bunnies because bunnies LOVE MATING!! And bunnies are happiest when they are MATING.

Ok, how many other people have had conversations like the one above? Why are rabbits stereotyped as sex-craving-lunatics that need to mate all the time? Yes, I know bunnies reproduce quickly, but so many people don’t know that things can be done about this, namely, spaying and neutering your rabbit. In the meantime, I will continue to be annoyed at conversations stereotyping my sweet, loving bunnies!

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer