Hello Friends and Fans!!!!

Eskie here again! I wanted to share some photos that show how we start off each and every day. This photo was taken on a Saturday, so our
Foster Dad wasn’t in his ‘go to work’ clothes.

Every morning at 6:00 our Foster Mom comes down stairs and lets out the cat, takes out the dogs, gives Jenna her breakfast, and then and comes
to let us out of our sleeping crate.

Soon we hear our Dad’s footsteps on the stairs. MoMo and I come RUNNING from wherever we are and anxiously await his arrival on the sunporch. He comes
and sits down to chat with us and he feeds us BANANA CHIPS!!!!!! Now we know that there isn’t a bunny out there who can survive on banana chips as a
steady diet….it would be like you humans eating only chocolate…..but they really do make the best occasional treat! Mom says you need to have something
really, really special for training treats. Well, banana chips, dried blueberries (from Trader Joe’s) and raisins are the BEST! MoMo and I would do just about
ANYTHING for these treats!

When we first came to stay at our Foster Home, we were not exactly ‘interactive’ family members. We did our thing, and the rest of the family did their thing. This did not
work for Mom. She has this weird idea that everyone in the household is family, and we all need to be an active part of that family. Over the past month
we have learned that there is nothing to fear in this house. We know that the humans are a source of food and love (but mostly food….Mom calls us her
little furry pigs), that the dogs are friends (well, with the exception of Jenna…..she is probably very nice, but she is just too spastic….she jumps, she barks,
she hops, and she takes our Romaine ribs to eat, which in my opinion is just plain rude. Someone needs to teach her some manners!) And the cat just pretends that we
don’t really exist….he walks by in the morning on his way outside with his little pushed in nose very high up in the air….Last week MoMo wanted some fun, so she lunged
and growled at him as he walked past…..and…..MoMo frightened the big, brave, hunter cat! It was SOOOOO funny. I just know that Mom could hear me and MoMo
laughing….and she laughed too.

So, how did Mom and Dad and the Boy Who Lives At Home get us to be comfortable? Well, they were very, very patient. They talk to us constantly. The very gently introduce
new behaviors. When we do something good we get rewarded with minimal treats. At first when Dad would sit on the step, I would run up, grab the banana chip, and run away
where MoMo would try and steal the treat from my mouth. If Dad tried to touch us, we would run away…..FAST! Now we go up and beg for the treat. We stand up. We allow
ourselves to be patted and skritched. We ask for more. Training bunnies can be done….it just takes a little longer than training a dog. Tolerance, Time and Treats…..that about
sums it up.

Until later,
Yours in fuzziness,