It’s me peeps and this time with great news… I was adopted over the Thanksgiving weekend and have a new boyfriend! I am so excited and hope everything works out for me and my new beau. Wish me luck!

It’s me again! I’m back and ready for adoption this time! It was a long time coming, but my “flipper” has finally healed, I’ve been spayed, and I’m now ready for a home of my own.
“Look at my foster mom’s bun in the cage. Hehehe! I’m out playing and he’s not! C’est la vie buddy!”

To read more about me and see more pics, click here, then scroll down a bit: http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?cat=268

I’m so grateful for all that HRN has done for me and I show my appreciation to my foster mom everyday. I love to follow her around where ever she goes, sit on a pillow on her lap while she’s on the computer and soak in the pets as much as possible. I’m definitely a people-bunny and I crave lots of attention from my human and love to be with her all the time. I know her hand gets very tired, but I just love, love, LOVE to be pet. She calls my healed thumper my “flipper” because it sort of sticks out to the side by the way it healed. But let me tell you! That does NOT slow me down one bit. My binkies and acrobatics are amazing at times and I’m as speedy as Love Bug the car. You know, from that Disney movie? I can be seen racing from room to room and sometimes I go where I’m not supposed to go, especially if a human forgets to shut a door. But I can’t help it, I love to explore my surroundings. One night I really wore out my foster mom. I ran all over the master bedroom at warp speed and she couldn’t get me. It was great!!! So much fun and so funny watching her try to catch me. Ohhhh you gotta love those silly humans. Don’t they know we’re faster than they are? I love my greens and all different types too. And I have learned, with much patience and trying from my foster mom, to love my hay. Timothy & Herbs hay is my favorite! I cannot wait for my morning banana chip and nightly cranberry. Those are so yummy in my tummy! I like my baby carrot as well.
Now, for the serious stuff peeps. I think that due to my leg, I must be adopted to a home with much older children or adults only. The little ones won’t understand that they need to be very careful with my back thumper. Even though it has healed, care still must be taken with it, and with handling me, due to the way it is positioned. So if you’re ready to fill your home with love, Buggy style, I’m the girl for you! I also think I’d make a great bonding candidate for your boy or girl bun.

P.S. Shhhhh… this is a secret, but my foster mom told me that one of the HRN volunteers is very interested in me (you know who are if you’re reading this). So you’d better scoop me up before she does ;)

Peace peeps!