The bunnies played tag last night. Not, the I’m-chasing-you-to-prove-that-I’m-in-charge game, but honest to goodness tag! It was a riot to watch. One bunny would zoom around a bit, then bump into or flop next to another bunny who would take off and zip around. Even Beanbag got into the act and kicked his heels up. At one point, Lookout did a lap around the coffee table and then bumped into Echo and kept going. Echo, having been bumped into, decided to run with Lookout. The two of them looked like a couple of greyhounds or race cars going around a track. Lookout also seems to be having a logical disconnect about the door of the new cage. She ran into it face first once last night, thinking she could just hop inside. Echo also had a funny moment; we were using the cage and a 5 gallon bucket to block the bunnies from going into the sun room, Echo tried to hop on top of the bucket without realizing that there wasn’t a lid. Echo ended up inside the 5 gallon bucket which is where we keep our hay!

Holly got some time out of her cage as well. (Her out time was of course separate from the other buns.) She didn’t seem too inclined to cuddle, she just wanted to explore. She nosed around, mostly staying close to the coffe table for cover. It was good to see her exploring. When it came time to go back to her cage, she put up a real fuss. She most definetly wanted to stay OUT! She was pissed when I finally tricked her into letting me grab her.

I tend to really like it when the simple pleasures are what I have to focus on in my life.