4/13/08: Tanya is a lovely girl who thoroughly enjoys her playtime, in fact, if it was up to her, she would be a free-range bunny – and, her foster mom, Lorna, says that she has excellent litter box habits!

Her curiosity knows no bounds, she not only likes to explore horizontally but vertically, as well. Place a box, chair or whatever in her play area and this little “mountain goat” will navigate her way to the top of it!

Once Tanya has explored every corner of the room, and is ready to recline for a brief respite, she’ll then enjoy some pets. This sweet, gentle bunny is so pretty with her snow-white front paws and soft, luxurious salt and pepper fur.

Tanya, having been in foster care for while, yearns for a forever loving home of her own now. Come pay her a visit and you just might want to make her wish come true! Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see Tanya today.

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer & Felix’s foster Mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!