When you hear the name Tedy, you naturally think of the phrase “Tedy Bunny” right??? Well if not, meeting this special bunny might just change your catch phrase vocabulary!

As you can probably assume, our HRN foster bun got his moniker from Patriot inside linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Our Tedy, a youthful, rugged bun, is much like his namesake.

He came to HRN as part of the Plymouth rescue where he had to fend for himself in the “wild” for an undetermined amount of time. This experience has left Tedy still a bit skittish with new people. He will seem tentative and reluctant to socialize at first, but if you reassure him with pets and sweet talk, you will definitely see him begin to trust you.

Once relaxed, he will charm you as he navigates his play area. Objects will be sniffed, nosed and even picked up and relocated by our adventurous boy. That intense, yet playful spirit that you get when you see Tedy B on TV is very similar to how you feel watching our Tedy in person!

One prominent difference between Mr. Bruschi and HRN’s Tedy is that the Patriot’s linebacker has a family, which he is a big part of, while our Tedy is all alone. YOU can change that! If you open your heart and your home to Tedy, he will bring you joy, and you will make him a very happy bunny that will show you his love for years to come.