7/19/10 UPDATE: Last week all six babies had their second furcuts. Oh boy was there fur!!! Some were very good at sitting for their trims, while others… not so much. But it was something that had to be done for their own comfort and well-being. They now look like little adults and will soon be separated by males and females. So far, they are still getting along, but the mounting just began last night and this is a sign of things to come. It will be a very sad day (I think mostly for their foster mom) when the siblings are separated, but it is a must… sighhhhh. The maleswill be neutered soon and then ready for adoption. The females will take a bit longer for their spays. TigerLily continues to be very strong willed and inquisitive, yet can be a sweetie when she wants to be. When she’s out of her pen running around she never sits still. She loves to explore and sniff and boink anything and everything. She is finally doing binkies and having a great time being a house bun!

7/12/10: Time sure flies when you’re a baby bunny and this is very true for the angora babies. They are now over 10 weeks old and no longer look like the tiny balls of fluff that could fit in my hand when I brought them home in May. TigerLily was spayed last week and she’s doing very well. I do think she is a bit lonely though and I sense, will make a great bonding candidate for her future “human slave’s” bunnies (TigerLily will be adopted and going to her forever home on 8/16). She is very inquisitive, loves to explore and uses her litter box 100%. She will make a wonderful free range bun, provided the electrical cords are protected!

The six babies, Yukon, Newfie, Eskimo, Klondike, Maple and Molson, are still very loving to each other and enjoy each other’s company. In about another month or so the boys will be neutered and ready for adoption. The girls won’t be ready for about another 2 months or so and I’m pretty sure two of them are already spoken for ;)