Matt and I finally had the chance to bring home our next foster-bunny yesterday. We’ve planned to foster again since about a month after Beebie was adopted. Since we can only really foster one bun at a time, we wanted to take in one of the rabbits that has been having a hard time getting adopted for various reasons. After much juggling and consideration, itwas decided that we would take in Holly, an English Spotted bunny who has been fostered by Suzanne for most of a year now and hasn’t been permanently adopted yet.

Holly is shy, skittish, and scared. We don’t know if there’s a reason for this behavior somewhere back in her past prior to her arrival at the House Rabbit Network. Regardless of previous experiences, she’s a gentle bunny who is really uncertain about the world around her and needs some one-on-one time with humans who will work on giving her more confidence in her surroundings. Even through her skittish behavior, Holly never nips, pounces, or growls like some defensive bunnies. She sits quietly, tucking herself into as small a ball as she can manage when she feels frightened. When she’s not frightened, she’s a gentle, relaxed bunny who likes to munch on her hay, has fastidious litterbox habits, and shows a keen, if cautious, curiousity in the world.

We picked Holly up from Suzanne yesterday and drove her back to our house. I had a hand un the carrier for the entire drive to try to reassure her since her nose was twitching hard and she was breathing very fast. When we arrived at our place, we gave her a couple minutes time to come out of the carrier on her own. Once she’d ventured onto the hardwood floor, she snuffled Matt and I curiously, ears up and listening to the alien sounds of our world. After a little time to sniff the world and be cuddled, we gave her a quick brush and introduced her to her new cage then left her to settle in for the evening .

When I got up this morning I found that Holly was being very tidy with her new space. She’s got a good ammount of space to herself right now with 2 litterboxes available; one for pooping and one for just hiding out and sleeping. So far, Holly cowers every time Matt or I lifts the cage door right now. Once she decides that we aren’t going to hurt her, she’ll put her head down flat to be stroked. When picked up, Holly just snuggles her head in under my chin. She’s very uncertain and scared about life right now. But hopefully that will change in a few days as she gets used to the smells and sounds. I hope to give her some time to explore outside the cage tonight after we get home from meeting with our financial advisor.