Matt and I spent a couple hours this week volunteering by transporting Cheryl’s foster-bunnies Maxine, Travis, Picasso, & Rick O’Shea, to Suzanne’s house. Why the bun taxi, you ask? As various rabbits get adopted and find their homes, its imporant for both buns and foster-families that we keep an even balance at each home. When the bunnies rotate to a different foster-home, they might have the chance of being seen by a different group of potential adopters than they would have at their previous foster-home. This also makes sure that each foster-home has a reasonable number of bunnies for the foster-parents to care for without getting emotionally or physically exhausted by the daily needs of the rabbits. (Hey, you try cleaning, feeding, and caring for all those rabbits! Its a tough job and those who do it should be respected.) While there are always volunteers helping out at each of the foster homes, caring for these rabbits is still a 24 hour-a-day job.