8/13/07 UPDATE: This past weekend Summer literally turned the corner and became a somewhat outgoing (still a little cautious though), loving little bunny. Friday night was the first time, since coming into foster care, that she did a a binky (a happy bunny dance)! She also did “bunny 500’s” whenever she was and about exploring the room, showing just how much fun she was having and learning what it was like to be a true house bunny. As I was sitting there on the floor with her, she came over to me, climbed up on my lap and started grooming me…the ultimate in bunny love. It melted my heart. Summer’s antics this weekend showed me that she is slowly but surely, learning to trust humans again.


The call came in the first full day of summer…there was a grey rabbit that had been spotted for the last 3-4 weeks in the yards of three homes sharing a common drive in Reading. There was also a black rabbit, but unfortunately s/he hadn’t been seen in about a week now. The caller was worried about the grey rabbit now, as there was a fox and coyote that was roaming the neighborhood. Probably why the black bun was no longer seen.

I went that night to check it out, as it was in my town, and sure enough there she was, happily munching on a huge buffet of garden greens and flowers. It was a bunny’s dream come true! And it was clear, by her “roundness”, she certainly hadn’t missed a meal. I, of course, wasn’t prepared to catch a rabbit that night. Still in my dress work clothes, no xpens, nothing. Not to mention, this area backed up to a small man-made pond and lots of woods…infested with every mosquito that resided in Massachusetts. I tried for as long as I could to get close to her and just grab her, but no such luck. She did take a carrot right from my hand, but kept just out of arms length. So the plan was hatched….gather some volunteers and head back the next day.

On Saturday, eight of us headed over there, well prepared with many xpens, treats to lure her and a carrier. For 3 hours, all of us, along with the homeowners searched for this rabbit. She was no where to be found and we feared the worst. Some of us decided to go back that evening, when she’d more likely be out feasting again.

At 6:30 PM one of the homeowners, Ruth, called me; the rabbit was out dining again. When I got there she was eating in one of the gardens. Of course this garden had a picket fence running through it and a small pine tree in the middle of it. I quietly got all my xpens out and started making a huge cirlce around her. She was a little cautious and watched me as I did my thing, but continued to eat. Tommy & Tricia showed up as I was slowly closing in on her with the xpens. But we had the problem of the fence. She could still escape through that opening if she got near that area. As we got closer and closer, she finally realized, “uh oh, something’s going on and I don’t think I like it”. She ran under the pine tree. I blocked the opening near the fence, Tricia blocked the other side and Tommy gently tried nudging her out. She finally darted towards Tricia, leaping into a huge garden of flowers…Tricia dove in after her!

There was a bit of struggle and Tricia finally came up with an armful of flowers…BUT…what about the rabbit? She was in there too! YEAH!!! She was caught and was now safe. All in all, it literally took about 15 minutes to catch her that night.

Appropriately named, Summer is no longer sharing the woods with groundhogs, wild rabbits or mosquitoes. She is resting in my house, where she should be and is now ready for adoption.

Summer is a charcoal grey mini rex, with brown highlights running throughout her fur. She’s a timid little girl, so I can only imagine what her life was like prior to being so callously “dumped” by her former owner(s). Her litterbox habits are impecable and she has a very curious little nose, constantly boinking things to check them out if they are unfamiliar to her. Slowly, she is coming around and out of her shell, learning to trust humans again. I do think it will take some time for her and with an owner who will understand this. She has learned however, that a shake of the “banana chip jar” means something good and she readily comes over. Still a bit cautious, but she does come. She enjoys sitting on my lap and loves to be pet. She’s also a huge hay eater, which is great. I think Summer would do best in a quiet adult only home that will shower her with love. She still startles easily with loud noises, but we’re working on that as well. She may be a good bonding candidate, as she’s a very gentle soul. I also think she could definitely be a free-range bun given proper bunny proofing of the home.

If you’re looking for a quiet, gentle bunny soul with lots of love to give you, Summer’s your girl.

Oh and by the way, the black rabbit that was seen with Summer…she was caught and rescued by a family living nearby. She is safe now as well.