Update 4/5/09: Well, dahlings, very good news – ADOPTED! Yes, my very own place to share with my newly adopted family :) Take care!

11/18/08: Okay dahlings, where are you? I’ve been in foster care for a very long time now and although I love my foster parents, I so need a home to call my own. Please, please… call the Hotline at 781.431.1211 and arrange a visit with me. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Summer ’08 UPDATE: In the short time I’ve been in my new foster home, I’ve proven to be quite the lap bunny. I’m not too fond of being held and carried, however I will sit in your lap for hours, literally, and let you pet me as much as you want. I even fell asleep in a human’s arms last night while relaxing out on the deck. Oh dahlings, this is the life. If only every bunny were treated like this. I also think I would do well in a home with older children as I love and crave human attention and affection. I say older children because if there are fingers dangling in front of my face or if you try to hold me and I don’t want to be held, well, let’s just say I’ll give you a little nip to tell you “I’m not liking that too much”. I also think I might just be a good bonding candidate for your girl or boy bun.

Hello dahlings… The Divine Miss M here, also known as “Mary Mazaradee” or “Mazi”. Goodness, how many names can a bun have? :) Since coming into foster care months ago, from the Unity NH case, I’ve had my ups and downs. I spent a long time at the veterinary office with the wonderful people there trying to heal my hocks. They were an absolute disgrace and just wouldn’t heal. Oh the embarrassment! After many months of care and bandages, they have finally healed, however I need to stay on sheepskin for the next month or so to make sure they are okay and stay healed. Hey, I can totally deal with that. After all, a diva-bun of my stature and image can only be expected to live the good life and I must be treated like the queen I am.

My newest accommodations are great! Penthouse suite, air conditioning, ceiling fan, great food, great hay and yummy “bunny treats”. Plus lots of TLC. I LOVE to be pet and can’t get enough of it. I’m always at the door of the cage waiting for my foster mom to pet me and take me out. LOVE IT dahlings, love it! I smush right down, close my peepers and soak in the love. I am super sociable and love human interaction.

I don’t think my foster mom’s buns are too thrilled with my arrival though. C’est la vie! They’ll just have to get used to my presence and learn to deal with the fact that there’s a new diva in town.

I love to explore the room I’m in, and the toys and places to play are great. I’ve got my very own “vacation villa” to explore, some quik tubes to chew on and run through, some willow tents and tunnels and I get to tease the “resident buns”. Oh what fun! And I don’t really fear too much. I could care less about that thing that sucks up all the hay off the floor and makes a lot of noise.

But most of the time my foster mom brings me downstairs where there are no other bunnies and I love it! After I’ve explored every nook and cranny, I do a perfect flop on the floor and rest my queen-like body. The hardwood floors are no match for my gracious paws and stealth, black body. I’ve also already perfected the stairs. Oh and I know I shouldn’t, because a girl of my nature and upbringing should be lady-like, but I’m a trash digger. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone my secret. So make sure the trash is out of my reach. Because believe me, when I stretch out to reach something, I’m pretty tall.

So dahlings, I’m ready for you take me home. I do think an exercise pen or even being free-roam in a room would be wonderful for me. I don’t chew on anything I’m not supposed to. And my litter box habits are really good. Well of course they are, would you expect anything less?! A queen doesn’t make a mess of her surroundings. I like my house neat and tidy. If you could accommodate my requests, I would be most appreciative. But really, all I want now is a human to call my own.

Au revoir dahlings!