It is not an easy answer, now is it? The best response that I have been able to come up with is simply that rabbits have their own distinct personality, and if you spend a little time with them, they just might surprise you.

Recently, Tricia and I have spent some time at Suzanne’s “Foster Home Central,” where we have interacted and had a chance to photograph some of the bunnies. We thought we would give you a glimpse of these bunnies, and so we have presented you with a few pictures and some kind words. One of them may just be the right bunny for YOU!

One rabbit that you would not easily forget is a new, young boy, Mixy. He has the biggest, most beautiful ears! His reddish brown coat is silky smooth, and you can tell by both his ears and feet, that he has some growing left to do. He is extremely personable, and will gladly welcome petting and snuggling. When we let him out into the exercise pen, he immediately had to explore everywhere, as sitting passively was not in his repertoire. He even showed his strength when he figured out how to jump up to the small bookcase that we were using as one wall of the pen. While I was lying on the floor with him taking pictures, he made sure to give my camera a good sniff and, of course, had to climb up on my back to see if he could find an escape route. All in all, he is one fun bun! He was rescued by, Ray, an HRN volunteer after someone had let him loose, and it would be great to see someone give him a ‘forever loving home.’

As big a guy as Mixy is, Rose is as “petite and proper” as a girl can be. She is a Netherland Dwarf, and has fully grown to a shade over three pounds. Rose is usually reserved at first, but she opens up as she becomes more comfortable. She likes to be stroked and enjoys the attention. When out in her exercise pen, she loves to stand up tall (well at least for her) and check out the area. She can scoot along rather quickly as well! When it came time for pictures, she was very cooperative and docile. The pictures we took can only capture a fraction of her delightful personality. If you have the chance, you should go visit with this cute little pixie, we are sure she will leave your heart spellbound.

Another newcomer to HRN is Lexie. She is a beautiful, mature Lop with great expressive ears. We love to think of Lops as having “helicopter ears” because of all the ways they can maneuver them, and Lexie could easily serve as their poster child. She can be a little reticent at first, but that doesn’t usually last long if you stay and play with her. She loves to get out and romp around in the exercise pen. Her ears serve as signs for her behavior, as ears up, usually when sitting still, is when she is checking things out. When her head is low with ears low and pointing forward, she is in investigation mode, and while relaxing and playing around in the pen, those ears just bounce and flop around. Her soft, full coat of fur begs for a caressing touch, and if you would like to be the one doing the petting, call Suzanne and she will grant you an audience with Lexie. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

These are just three of those with whom we have had the pleasure of spending some time, but there are many more as well, like the young male named Sawyer who kissed me on the nose the first time I met him! Go to visit all the bunnies and we are sure you will meet someone special.